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Family Fringe

Family Fringe offers children and families interested in new and adventurous work the ability to see shows presented by companies creating multi-generational productions. Family Fringe is a separate, juried festival taking place over two weekends in tandem with the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

The 2019 lineup includes...

Storyland Magic Carpet presents "Super Drag Story Time": Camp, color, puppetry, music and dance collide in this glamorous storytelling event featuring local drag queens and kings. Bringing drag, circus and a passion for children's entertainment together in a truly unique, heartwarming storytime event, kids will learn that people who are different aren't scary, and that the things that make us different are the things that make us awesome! Featuring Martina Marracino and a slate of the Twin Cities' fiercest drag performers.

NYC's Broken Box Mime Theatre presents "Destination: Everywhere": A jungle expedition gone awry. Spooky sleepover tales come to life. A superhero on date night... All told without a single word! BKBX's modern mimes artfully weave together original short plays with boisterous interactive games, celebrating the power of simple storytelling. BKBX is winner of 3 NYC Innovative Theater Awards, and have performed nationally and in the UK, France, Ethiopia, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

Keane Sense of Rhythm with Universal Dance Destiny present "Minneapolis Human Rhythm Project": A multigenerational, diverse showcase of the rhythm that binds and brings us all together. Celebrate beautiful dance from many cultures from around the world. Keane Sense of Rhythm celebrates 20 years in the Twin Cities community training tap dancers of all levels and ambition, and have performed in Poland, China, Canada, and Ireland.

Benjamin Domask presents "Hodge Podge": Bubble gum balls & bubble machines. Umbrellas & tin cans. This "Hodge Podge" is a contemporary circus and physical theatre piece bringing audiences together to explore memory and media. An interactive oasis for the mind, body, and soul. Domask is a clown, juggler, mime, and musician who has performed nationally and internationally, based here in Minnesota.

Off-Leash Area presents "Paws 'n Effect": A little girl in a big city runs away from home. Suddenly, a magical dog floats down from the sky on a balloon. Together, they embark on an urban journey where she learns acceptance of others, and herself. Featuring 2 dancers, a real-life dog performer, and live music and digital animations. Off-Leash Area is one of the Twin Cities most well-regarded interdisciplinary performance companies.

Teen improv from the Brave New Workshop Student Union: An in-depth improvised performance by some of the Twin Cities most talented, up-and-coming young comic performers. Brave New Workshop is a nationally-renowned, locally-based sketch and improv comedy theater based in downtown Minneapolis, founded in 1958.

2019 Family Fringe performances are July 26-28 and August 2-4 at the Barbara Barker Center for Dance on the University of Minnesota West Bank Campus in Cedar-Riverside.

Family oriented programming offers young audiences and their care providers new and adventurous options that are hard to find and/or underrepresented in traditional theater spaces. Attendance to Family Fringe is through single ticket purchase or admission packages which allow for crossover between Family Fringe and the Fringe Festival

Family Fringe artists are selected by a jury comprised of artists, producers, board, and staff using a rubric based on artistic vision, production feasibility, style and aesthetic, and inclusion. Participants earn a majority portion of ticket sales and pay a small producer fee to offset Fringe's up front cost of venue rental, workshops, publicity, professional technicians, house managers, and other staff.

Explore 2019 Family Fringe shows

2019 Box Office & Ticketing Information

Jurors score proposals based on:

  • Artistic Vision: Does the applicant clearly articulate their intention for their production? Is there demonstrated evidence in their materials to carry out the production/concept?
  • Production Feasibility: Is this production realistically feasible within Fringe's technical paradigm? Would it be a successful fit for the theatrical space? 
  • Style & Aesthetic: Does this production tell a story in a novel or innovative way? Does it push-to-the-Fringe of performance? Would this production add spice and excitement to the festival line-up? Does the applicant demonstrate a clear, compelling aesthetic?
  • Artistic Inclusion: Does this show champion underrepresented voices or themes when compared to our current local, national and international performing arts community? Could this show help to cultivate new and first-time theater-going audiences?
  • Wildcard: Up to 3 additional points here not accommodated in the criteria above. Please include a justification.

2019 Family Fringe Jury

The 2019 Family Fringe Jury included previous Festival artists, Fringe's artistic director, a board member, and experts in the area of theatre for young audiences.

  • Sue Haas - Executive Artistic Director, Open Eye Figure Theatre
  • Sheena Janson Kelley* - Associate Producer, Jungle Theatre 
  • Erin Sheppard* - dancer & choreographer, Erin Sheppard Presents
  • Natalie Tran* - performer at Children's Theatre Company, Theatre Mu, Steppingstone, and more
  • Michael Winn - Director of Community Partnerships & Inclusion, Children's Theatre Company
  • Jay Gilman - Artistic Director, Minnesota Fringe
  • Randy Shimpach, J.D. - Board of Directors, Minnesota Fringe

*Indicates previous Minnesota Fringe artist and/or producer.

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